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Wireguard Fails to Start After Reboot

I use Wireguard for my VPNs and I’m absolutely statisfied with it. Unfortunately, whenever I restarted my server which runs wiregurad, it didn’t come up automatically.

Move to Hugo

Once more I switched my static site generator from pelican to hugo! I was not really statisfied by pelican and we use hugo as static site genarator for our hackerspaces website. Through that I learned how cool hugo is and decided to switch. Hopefully that will encourage me to put out more posts that in the recent years 😏

Integrate Alpha Innotec LG 327 TB ventilation unit in Home-Assistant

A while ago I built a Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP Gateway based on a Beaglebone Green and a RS485 Cape (check my blog post from back then). It worked, but stoped working from time to time and I decided to fix that issue a few weeks ago. I updated the OS on the Beaglebone and realized that so many things changed since my initial implementation that I didn’t want to invest to much time.

Create custom icon font from SVGs for use in Home-Assistant

I always wanted to have some custom icons for my Home-Assistant setup. Unfortunately, if you set a SVG directly via URL (/local/myicon.svg) it does not change color depending on its state. On the other hand, if you set an MDI icon, the color changes. So I looked for ways to get color changing icons and came across Thomas Lovén’s hass-fontawesome that does exactly that for the Font-Awesome icons.

Reverse engeneering the Hörmann UAP1 protocoll

I own a Hörmann sectional door to my garage which is driven by a Hörmann SupraMatic E. To control the door via a home automation system you have several options: Connect potential free contacts directly to the motor. That means you have just very basic control over the motor because you can’t give up and down command but just a go command as you can with the radio controls. Usa a UAP1, a small extension box to have better control over the motor and get some feedback signals.

Make RaspberryPi + Samsung TV a remote display

Our fire brigade wants to use a software that gives them details about their fire run. Unfortunately the softare is Windows only and runs on a vserver in the server room. Two displays will be mounted in the hall where the fire trucks are as well as in the locker room so that they can see all the details while preparing. My idea was to use a VNC server on the Windows machine in the server room an a RaspberryPi as VNC client mounted to the backside of each TV.

Switch from octopress to pelican

After a long period of silence I finally found the time to migrate my blog from Octopress to Pelican . I really liked Octopress for a while but I always struggled to modify it in the way I wanted to mainly because it is written in Ruby, which I don’t like much. Pelican on the other side is written in Python which is my favourite language. Anyway, I hope to get a little bit more frequent updates out now :-)

Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU gateway on a BeagleBone Green

In my last post I’ve explained how I got RS485 working on a BeagleBone Green. Since then I managed to build a Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU gateway based on that and want to show how it works.

RS485 on a BeagleBoneGreen + Waveshare Cape

I want to build a Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU gateway using a BeagleBoneGreen and a WaveShare RS485 CAN CAPE . Unfortunately the documentation on the Waveshare Cape is really bad, so I will try to document here what steps were necessary to get the things up and running!

Reverse engineering a DQ860MA part 3

I started playing around with the images i’ve scanned and with a little GIMP magic i was able to create a useful overlay image.