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Semi-automatic clonezilla boot stick

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I use clonezilla a lot to load images onto computers or create backups of them and it was always a hassle to enter the same values into the diolog over and over again. Unfortunately the documentation is not the very best.

Anyway, with a lot of googling and trail and error i finally got a semi automatic configuration.

You have to modify 3 files for booting EFI machines as well as BIOS based ones.

Taking a DQ860MA stepper driver apart

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I’ve bought 4 large stepper motors and 4 DQ860MA drivers on ebay a few days ago. Unfortunately one was faulty from the beginning. The seller sent me a new one winthin 2 days which is awesome, but the best part is that i hadn’t to return the damaged one!

So i decided that there are pepole out there who for sure are interested in a teardown :-)

Clone a Firmware RAID 1 using Clonezilla

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I had two identical computers of which one had a damaged Windows 7 installation that refused to boot. The other was a spare machine for that case, but unfortunately it wasn’t updated for about 2 years. So I had to install about 200 Updates which was really annoying.

After all the updates were installed I decided to make an image of the up-to-date computer and restore it on the damaged one.

Since I’m a big fan of open source tools, I wanted to use one and decided to use Clonezilla. The biggest problem with Clonezilla is that it does not support creating images of Software/Fake Raid’s/Firmware RAID’s according to their website.

My computers both have 2 SSD disks with 120GB each configured as RAID1. The RAID controller is the one provided by the Intel X79 chipset of the ASUS P9X79 Pro Mainboards, which is a Firmware RAID.